My First Day


You pass through the attractive main gate of St Mary’s DSG welcomed by a friendly yet vigilant security team and park in front of the impressive classical façade of the Diocesan Hall and Senior School Reception.

Your new uniform and shoes which you have bought the previous week from the school shop have a little room for growth. You are a bit anxious but know that you are about to enter an institution which has not only stood the test of time, but has marched forward with the times.

You have already met your classmates, the school leaders, your teachers, your matric, your Head of School. You think you know what is where.

Already you have seen how within century old classrooms there stands every modern facility, dynamic and energetic educators, and you know of the standard that is expected and the tradition of hard work in the school.

You recall the warmth you felt when walking the same corridors that so many have walked before;

 the sense of history, the expectation that a nun will just appear around a corner. You are surprised that some educators already know who you are.

Your first day of Senior School starts with an assembly where you are astonished at the pride, discipline and number of awards. Last year’s Grade 12s are also present to be congratulated on another fine year. You think forward five years to when you also will wear the refined matric uniform, perhaps with a few of the braids and badges you can see on others.

You look forward to your classes later in the day when you will be in the new custom built Physical Science classrooms, and a bit later when you will meet the Chaplain – how you enjoyed the introductory service and the incredible choir. You are already looking forward to next term when your computer will become part of your daily classroom experience.

Today you must choose your sports. You joined the swimming team on the pre-school camp, and it is so good to know other girls and to feel part of another family, but when swimming is done you think you will play Basketball, or perhaps hockey. It is hard to make the choice. But for now, its swimming

You are going to have to be organized this year. The school calendar is so full, and while you must do as much as you can, you must not do too much. Do some music, orchestra or choir, play some sport, work hard, have fun. That sounds about right.  Perhaps also some Drama, Eco club or Art? The Head Girl describes St Mary’s DSG as the school which never sleeps. You can see why.

As you walk to the chapel area you see little ones, some a little clinging onto moms, but most running into their new classrooms. You realize that you are part of something bigger, a pathway from the very beginning all the way to matric. Everyone seems so happy. Your tensions are easing. All will be well.

You begin to realize why the school motto is “Filiae Regis” which you were told in orientation was translated “Daughters of the King.” It seems as though the school is rejoicing to welcome its children back.