Student Care

The spiritual well-being of all the boarders is of utmost importance.  The Boarding Manager, Nursing Sisters, Counsellors and Chaplain, as well as all members of the boarding staff, are only too pleased to talk to any boarder and / or their parents.

In times of personal need boarders are encouraged to contact any of the above for advice, support and encouragement.  The Counsellors, Chaplain and Nursing Sisters are directly accessible to students during the day and through the boarding staff at night and on weekends.

Parents who have particular concerns about their daughters can discuss these with the above staff at any time.  Counseling is available through the Director of Boarding, the Nursing Sisters or the Counselling Centre.

For girls to develop a sense of belonging, it is necessary for them to have shared experiences with other in the boarding house.  These experiences occur in both a structured environment and more importantly in the events of everyday boarding life.  It is for this very reason that it is important for girls to spend time in the Boarding House relating to others rather than taking exeats at every available time or be away in their cubicle playing on a computer.  Activities are regularly planned on weekends and social activities are also regularly conducted with the boys' schools.

While we do not expect all boarders to be the best of friends, we expect everyone to show respect for others in all that they do and say.  Rules are necessary to make it possible for the Boarding House to run smoothly and to ensure that the lives of the girls will be happy and comfortable.

Dormitory Leaders, House Mistresses and the Director of Boarding will respond to and deal with unhealthy dormitory and boarding situations.  If the need arises, the Director of Boarding, Mrs Mbandlwa, and then the Head of School, Father Paterson, will become involved with individuals who are incapable of or unwilling to adhere to the boarding and school's expectations mentioned above.

Date: Monday, 12 February 2018 15:50